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Victorian Gothic

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From the Alumeire pin banner collection we have "Victorian Gothic"

This wall banner is used for decoration or to put your pins on for display! The wishing shrine pin banner is made from polyester canvas and measures 19.5in tall and 11.5 inches wide.  It is double layered. The banner comes with the hanging string and the pole already assembled.

Banners may arrive slightly wrinkled due to packaging and shipping process. you can choose to iron your banners to  have them crisp and smooth again ! iron fabric on synthetic or low heat using steam. if your iron does not have a steam setting, lightly spray with water spray bottle as you iron. iron in small circular motions to avoid creases or lines. if your banner ever needs cleaning, hand wash in warm water. soak in detergent and rinse in cold water. do not wring. air dry.

Banners may have small specs of white in some areas due to the printing process. These are still considered A grade banners as long as they aren't all over the whole design, or in spots that pins would not go. If you have an issue with your banner feel free to reach out.