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From the Alumeire pin banner collection we have "Kitsune" or also known as "Fox Maiden"

This pin is a copper plated hard enamel pin at 2.75" wide. This pin is a large sized pin that works wonderfully for a pinboard, ita bag, or wherever else you choose! 


  • 2.75" wide
  • copper plated 
  • hard enamel
  • 2 pin posts + 2 rubber clutch 
  • "Jaizure" stamped on the back

Pin grading standards: A standard grade pin may have one or two tiny imperfections that at the artists discretion do not disrupt the visual of a pin from a regular distance/ These would be considered A grade.

Seconds grade pins have noticeable flaws including but not limited to: several specks, multiple bubbles in the enamel, chips or dents in metal and metal plating, tarnish, missing or miscolored enamel, fused metal, missing metal, missing varnish, uneven linework, bends and/or noticeable scratches. Seconds pins may or may not come with backing cards. These pins would be considered B or C grade depending on the severity of the flaws.