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B grade pin mystery bags | Series 5

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These pin mystery bags come with 1 mystery b grade pin ! This means all pins in these mystery bags have minor flaws but are at a highly discounted rate ! All orders are randomized but the possible pins you can get are all shown! Series 5 introduces some new pins into the mix!

Pin grading standards: A standard grade pin may have one or two tiny imperfections. These would be considered A grade.

Seconds grade pins have noticeable flaws including but not limited to: several specks, mutliple bubbles in the enamel, chips or dents in metal and metal plating, tarnish, missing or miscolored enamel, fused metal, missing metal, missing varnish, uneven linework, bends and/or noticeable scratches. Seconds pins may or may not come with backing cards. These pins would be considered B or C grade depending on the severity of the flaws.