Hey everyone ! It's Jaizure back with more pins !
These pins don't fit into any cohesive project and some are just print and sticker designs translated into pin form as has been requested but I need help funding them ! Things are tight especially with covid pocket and I have had to cancel a few cons because of our concern with safety in the area. :( Any extra funds we might've had due to that wont be coming like we originally expected and as everyone knows pins are pricy ! So i'll be hosting this mini pre-order campaign to help fund a few new designs I can put up on my main shop instead of just the ones for patreon. Should this mini pre-order campaign be successful I may do more small campaigns like this in the future inbetween larger kickstarter projects :)

How it works:

  • The pre-order period lasts from Feb 6th until March 1st
  • All goals will be announced in the beginning. 
  • Each pin is it's own stretch goal which means it'll remain "locked" until enough money is raised on that design to fund that pin
  • Your cards will not be charged until the designs are funded. This is to ensure that you don't end up paying for a design that I cant afford to make. Any design that doesn't end up getting funded by the end of the pre-order period will not be charged to your card even if you 'pledged' for it so no need to worry !
  • This pre-order period will be hosted on backerkit! Much like my pre-order stores after past campaigns. 

Pre-Order Link


The funding for each design is based on estimations, previous quotes, and my knowledge of how much pins tend to cost. The estimated value includes shipping I would need to fund 100 pins + ship them out. Any funding over this cost will allow me to buy and ship out more pins to have in stock later :)

The designs available will be as follows: 

  • Heartbroken - a variation of heartless for valentines - Needed to fund: 25 orders
  • Marmalade - a cute phone pin with a star charm based on my cute social media demon. Needed to fund: 50 orders
  • Mindspace - my piece mindspace turned into a pin featuring screenprinting - needed to fund: 35 orders
  • Dark Seraph - a two piece pin that comes with both the wing cluster and the body - needed to fund: 35 orders
  • Light Seraph - a two piece pin that comes with both the wing cluster and the body - needed to fund: 35 orders
  • Blushing Seraph - a two piece pin that comes with both the wing cluster and the body - needed to fund: 35 orders



Once the campaign is over and pins are ordered it should take somewhere from 2-3 months to finish as a rough estimation. I'll be posting updates on my social media and patreon once I get things like photos since unfortunately backerkit doesn't have updates, so keep an eye out ! I'm expecting to have the pins June and will be working to ship all orders out in june and july. The only thing that would change is if there is a big life event, if the pins take longer than expected, or shorter than expected. If a significant change might happen to the timeline I will be updating THIS PAGE as well as my social media detailing the timeline change. Future updates will be below. 

For Backers from the UK: Because of VAT i will not be taking pre-orders from the uk on backerkit. However, send me a dm or email at and once an item is funded I will make an etsy listing for you purchase the item/items you'd like. Once a pin reaches it's funding I'll be announcing it on my instagram story

For Backers in Australia and New Zealand: I will not be taking orders from Australia and new zealand at this time I'm very sorry :( Shipping costs for even a 2oz item is $40 right now without the guarantee that it will actually make it to you and not be sent back. I don't want to risk your package being sent back and you having to pay an additional high cost shipping fee but once things return to normal as far as shipping to australia they'll be available to purchase on my shop.